"Yes, they do fly home after they are released!"

A lot of churches and garden weddings no longer allow the release of balloons, throwing of rice or confetti. Our White Dove Releases are environmentally friendly.

Q: Where do people release White Doves?

A: At special events, TV Commercials, Films, Wedding, Funerals, Christenings, Valentines Day, Memorials, Corporate Openings, Festivals, Birthdays, Anzac Day, Remembrance Days and many other occasions.

Q: Why do people release Doves?

A: Because it's a romantic and powerful way to express peoples feelings, also it symbolises peace and hope.

Q: How many Doves can be released?

A: 2 Doves can be released or 100. It's up to you.

Q: Will the Doves mess on my dress?

A: No. It's not likely, but, if this happens it is supposed to be a sign of good luck for the future and we do carry baby wipes just in case. We have been releasing Doves for years now and this has never happened yet.

Q: How can we release the Doves?

A: The White Doves R Us attendant will ask you if you would like to hand release the Doves or open the release the cabinet. It's your choice on the day. We are there at all times to help and guide you.

Q: When should we release the Doves?

A: The most popular time is after your ceremony when you are coming out of the church, or after the signing of the marriage certificate and you are announced husband and wife. But the Doves must be released before dusk or they cannot be released as Doves do not fly at night.

Q: How do the Doves get to the ceremony?

A: White Doves R Us deliver them in the release cabinet of your choice, in uniform and on time to the ceremony in the White Dove Mobile.

Q: What happens after the release, where do the Doves go?

A: The Doves fly up and often circle once or twice in the sky and then they fly home to where they live which is near Cronulla.

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