Are you planning to propose to your fiance?  Then allow us to attend (in secret of course) and appear after the proposal has been accepted to release our white doves in celebration!

For centuries, a white dove release has symbolised many values we cherish: peace, love, partnership, devotion, fidelity, fertility, and hope for the future. A white dove release ceremony adds a beautiful touch of symbolism to your proposal.

The color of our snow-white doves, the clapping and whirling sounds of their release flight, and the sight of a white flock circling overhead are impressive. 

A white dove release creates an experience and memories you and your new fiancee will cherish.

Each dove release can be customised to reflect your personal interests.  

From a touching single dove ceremony to the overwhelming effect of 20 birds in flight at once, it’s all up to you.

On the day of the event the birds will be released at your desired time in any safe location.

 We will assemble in a place where you direct us to be, and release the doves at a pre-determined time in your proposal. It is truly a beautiful site when white birds fly up into the air at once at the appropriate time. 

 The release will turn your special event into a memorable event, never to be forgotten.

White Doves R Us - Spectacular White Dove Releases - Sydney NSW Australia