Valentines Day

Doves are an endearing and prominent Valentine's Day symbol. The symbol traces its origin from a belief in the olden times that birds found their mate on February 14. Interestingly, lovers across the world still hold onto this belief.

The reason why doves are considered strongly as a symbol of Valentine's Day is that while doves signify purity, innocence and humbleness. A picture of 2 doves snuggled together conjures up the vision of couple in love.

A special characteristic of doves is their extreme loyalty to their mates. Unlike most other animals that go from partner to partner, doves remain with one partner all through their life. This is why, doves are recognised as a symbol of love and loyalty on Valentine's Day.

According to a myth, the Roman Goddess Venus considered doves as sacred because of its fidelity towards its' mate. The cooing sound made by birds is linked to the “love sound” attributed to lovers. 

For this reason, when lovers talk in a flowery and sugary language to each other they are said to be 'cooing'.

Doves also represent monogamy and fidelity in a relationship because birds tend to stay with mate during the mating season.

Arranging to have doves delivered to your Valentine will be something that they will remember forever. Show your Valentine just how much you care.


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