Commitment Ceremonies

Congratulations!  You and your partner wish to publicly declare your commitment and love to each other and become lifetime partners.

This ceremony will begin new relationships with your friends and family as it will give them the opportunity to truly understand, and give recognition to your love for one another. 

Without the legalities of a Marriage Ceremony. This ceremony encompasses all the options available to any marrying couple.

We would love the opportunity to release doves at your Commitment Ceremony. 

A white dove release is a spectacular complement to any celebration. 

Your guests will be mesmerised by this breath taking event! 

When the doves are released, they circle above for a few minutes before soaring off into the heavens and beginning their journey home to us.

 A dove release would certainly be a unique idea for your service! 

The purpose of this ceremony is to symbolise love and a new beginning.

Doves are released by the couple making the commitment, by opening a cage or box, and allowing the doves to disperse. 

The symbol of the release is eternally memorable, thus signifying a new beginning.

You will never forget the experience of the romantic climax to your perfect ceremony day with our Dove Release Package. 

The release of doves will give you photographs you will cherish for your whole life together. The unbelievable finale to your perfect ceremony day !

White Doves R Us - Spectacular White Dove Releases - Sydney NSW Australia