About Us

Let us make your event special, with a Spectacular White Dove Release. Reserve your booking as early as possible. We book for almost every weekend during the year. We can release as few as two or as many as a flock.
We ensure that every event has a flight attendant present who will be dressed appropriately and on time. We arrive with your selected release cabinet and the white doves.
The most popular time to release the doves is after the ceremony. We will liaise with the photographer and videographer. This will help to capture the best photo's possible. The doves can be released from the hands of the bride and groom or from our beautifully decorated release cabinets or wicker baskets. The elegant and graceful birds will fly up and circle around the sky once or twice before safely heading home to their loft.
Doves mate for life and symbolise Love, Peace, Fidelity, Prosperity and Good Luck. They show a willingness to work hard together. Both doves build a nest together, mother dove lays the eggs, then father and mother keep them fed and warm until they are old enough to leave their nest. 
It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured.
Do not buy the smaller white doves from the pet shop because they are not the same and when released will perish.
A lot of churches and garden weddings no longer allow the release of balloons, throwing of rice or confetti. Our White Dove Releases are environmentally friendly.
White Doves "R" Us take pride in helping you to have the most perfect memories possible using our expertise to advise and walk you through each release depending on your particular situation. We also have available some lovely verses for you to read at the time of the dove release for your wedding.
For Hire
"Wishing Well Alternative"  Our exclusive creative gift register concept is for your money gifts. 
It's lockable and comes with two Pure White Fantail Doves displayed inside the cage for your reception. "Drop off and pickup service"
White Doves R Us will not be held responsible for any loss of money from the Gift Register.
Also available is our Dove O'Gram that you can send to a loved one  with your special message. 
We will arrive on your loved ones doorstep with a pair of White Doves to be released from a heart-shaped box. 
To add that extra touch we can also organise chocolates and/or flowers. (I miss you, I love you, I'm sorry)

Some of our Packages (See more packages on the Weddings and Funerals pages)

Formal Dove Display
One white Love Dove is presented as a display during a ceremony in a prominent place where everyone can see them. Because there is no release of these doves, it is perfect for indoor or night time events.
Seven Doves
The number 7 represents Spiritual Perfection in many ways. It is considered God’s number in the Judeo- Christian tradition. In Revelations 5:12, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are listed as power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and blessings. Seven doves represent these seven gifts. God rested on the seventh day after Creation. In God’s right hand were seven stars (Revelations). Earth was created in seven days, and there are seven candles on the Golden Candlestick. Seven white doves released at the right moment may be seen as seven angels in white, flying overhead.
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